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Mavie accompanies you on your journey towards greater well-being. We help you take care of your mental and physical health and improve it.

For forward-looking ­companies

We help your company take care of your employees’ health. With many years’ expertise. With bespoke solutions. With both online and in-person services. Tailored and adapted to your challenges. For your success.
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For strong employees

We make it easy for you to look after your well-being. We help you to actively mould your mental or physical health. For your continuing personal development or when you need urgent support. For more quality in your life.
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Things don’t always go to plan
The main thing is that the balance is right. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Our lives – both at home and at work – present challenges as well as opportunities. What’s important is how we tackle them.
But what are the greatest challenges and opportunities as far as our well-being goes?
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Burnout – what can be done to stop it?

Time pressure, demanding requirements and excessive stress. Add to that a lack of autonomy, unclear criteria for success, insufficient recognition and a strong sense of responsibility. There can be many reasons why we get exhausted or sometimes even burn out. What’s important is to take a close look as soon as the first signs appear. Because with the right support we can arm ourselves against burnout.

Mavie Business
24h HRV Regeneration Check and in-depth analysis
Healthy Quarter-Hour
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Back pain – when things ache and crunch

The problem will be familiar to many people: we spend too much time sitting down and not enough moving around. This restricts our mobility and damages our spine, resulting in tense muscles, headaches and pain. It doesn’t have to be like this. If we know what our back needs, even just a few minutes can help to strengthen it.

Spine screening
Posture at the workplace
Muscle function diagnostic
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A lack of resilience – for more inner resistance in your life

Conflict, stress and problems? Dealing with challenging situations isn’t always easy. The good news: we can get strong to get through turbulent times. We can strengthen our psychological immune system. We can learn to handle difficult situations better and with less stress.

Mavie Business
Mobile Health Services
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Mavie improves your well-being

More than one in ten of the TOP 100 companies in Austria are one of our customers. Find out some more reasons why.

Graph_70 2
70 %
70 per cent of people believe that psychological and physical prevention are equally important.
7 / 10
Seven out of ten employees say that they are currently suffering psychological and other forms of stress (at least intermittently). Only 5 per cent of them can access mental health support.
Mavie provides an extremely comprehensive support to staff, including those involved in outplacement processes, for example. That might not be so well known.
Barbara Baumgartner, Laakirchen Papier AG
Gallup Research, June 2021
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