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Ready to feel different in your life?

When was the last time you did something for your own personal well-being? Yesterday, today or quite a while back? The fact is, we neglect our own health far too often. To make taking care of your health easier, there’s Mavie - your new health portal.

Mavie improves your quality of life

Mavie helps you take control of your mental health – with intensive support in challenging times and ongoing assistance for your continuing personal development. Both at home and at work. 100% confidential. Anywhere and at any time.
And, because no two people are alike, Mavie adapts to your individual needs based on detailed psychological self-tests.

Your access to Mavie Mind

Your access to Mavie Mind

Mavie will help you to actively mould your mental or physical health. Mavie is available for you around the clock – both online and offline. We’ll help you when things are serious. And we’re here for you when you simply want to grow. Anywhere, at any time and at your own pace.

Ask your HR department whether your company is already using Mavie.

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27 Prozent
Only 27 per cent of people are satisfied with the quality of their sleep.
50 %
Over the course of their life, more than 50 per cent of the population is likely to suffer from at least one mental health condition.
Mehr als 50 %
More than half of employees have experienced health problems and their effects over the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Jürgen Rehm, Sebastian Trautmann and Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, The economic costs of mental disorders, EMBO Reports, September 2016, Volume 17
Gallup Research, June 2021
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