The pressure is intense, the tasks are never ending and your neck hurts. Keeping on an even keel is especially difficult in stressful situations. Relaxing is out of the question. So wouldn’t it be nice to give the body a bit of time to recover – both physically and mentally?

The power of yoga

Yoga has been enjoying growing popularity for a long time now and offers various great health benefits for body and soul. A yoga session can work wonders, give us a break from the stress of the daily grind and help us recharge our batteries. Yoga exercises are designed to help us master and strengthen our bodies. They improve our concentration span and relax our body. Stretching and strengthening our muscles makes our spine and joints more mobile and supple, while harmonising our breathing with our circulation increases our body’s own energy levels and defences. The specific poses also influence specific organs and their functions in a targeted way. For example, yoga boosts our cardiovascular system and stimulates digestion.

Our services

As a company, you can use our services to support your employees really easily. Through your collective efforts, you can wave goodbye to work-related health complaints, because they can be eliminated with targeted exercises that staff can do right at their desks. A Mavie coach will come and visit your staff where they work and share basic information on the anatomy, structure and nature of the spine. Your employees will then be shown mobilisation, relaxation and strengthening exercises for their neck and shoulders that are incredibly easy to make part of their daily routine at work – both to prevent posture problems from occurring and to give breaks a sensible structure at the workplace.
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