Spine ­­screening

Ow! When your back is hurting and making crunching sounds, it’s sometimes bad enough to make your eyes water. We can’t get out of bed, every step we take is torture, and our performance levels plummet. And work is the last thing on our minds. This is also borne out by figures suggesting that some 15 (1) per cent of sick leave in Austria is caused by problems with the musculoskeletal system.
(1) Statistics Austria

Back pain – a common problem

Around 80 to 90 per cent (2) of adults in the West experience back pain at least occasionally. In other words, spinal disorders have long since stopped being considered merely a sign of old age and are now recognised as a widespread problem, especially for 35- to 55-year-olds. This is hardly surprising if you think about it: at that age, most of the energy reserves we had in our youth have been used up, and our body is growing less and less tolerant to a lack of care and protection. But we can prevent it if we make sure early enough that our back is getting what it needs!
(2) (Rückenreport-2020.pdf (rheumaliga.ch))

Our services

Thanks to our spine screenings, companies can now support their employees’ back health right on their premises, because back pain is often linked to deformities or incorrect positioning of the spine. Our spine screenings measure shape and mobility in three different positions, enabling us to spot back problems and put together a personalised back workout programme focusing on the weaknesses we’ve identified.

Our promise – your benefits

Keen to help your employees strengthen their backs? Our spine service gives you an efficient and low-cost way to do just that. Your benefits:

  • A healthy back
    Staff are made aware of what to do to look after their spine
  • Personalised training programme
    Your employees will be able to strengthen their backs consciously in the future thanks to preventive training and a personalised back workout programme
  • Fewer sick leaves and absenteeism
    You can combat back pain as a common problem and thus reduce sick leaves and absenteeism

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