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Strategic coaching for key personnel

Management, executives and team leaders are the flagships for well-functioning organisations. They create space for productive, rewarding work. They are responsible for their own performance AND that of their teams. They are tasked with keeping their employees motivated to make an active contribution to their company and fulfil their potential. They need particular qualities such as personal engagement, emotional intelligence, strength-based leadership and the ability to form relationships.

Strategic coaching – the key to success

We help key personnel to perform their duties in a spirit of positive leadership. We develop their strengths and hone their leadership qualities. We want managers to enshrine a productive work culture in their teams that is based on appreciation and trust. One-to-one coaching helps them to increase staff engagement by building strong relationships. Managers will be able to explain the logic behind work tasks and render their teams’ successes visible. To ensure the necessary structural foundations, we also provide advice about roles, job descriptions, processes, organisational charts and interfaces.

Our services

  • An approach to business management that is focused on providing meaning: our coaching is based on the motivational impact of fundamental values such as “meaningfulness”, “prospects”, “sense of belonging” and “coherence”, and we help people experience these values in their daily routine at work and in their team.
  • Positive leadership: what kind of management “reinforces strengths”? How can you achieve the objective of creating space for productive, rewarding work and motivate employees to make an active contribution to their company and fulfil their potential? Key to this is a productive work culture based on appreciation and trust and underpinned by a sound structure (roles, job descriptions, processes, organisational charts, interfaces).
  • Accepting framework conditions and corporate values: we regard unalterable underlying conditions such as an individual corporate culture or individual corporate values as a given. Our coaching thus tackles areas in which managers and thus their teams too can demonstrate self-efficacy.

Your benefits – our expertise

Do you want strong key employees to foster a successful corporate culture? So do we. Our motivation comes from working with our customers, who keep on inspiring us to forge new paths. We’ve built up expertise that we draw upon for our partners – carefully tailored to their needs. Corporate coaching is the right way to ensure:

  • managers as role models
  • a constructive and productive corporate culture
  • a positive and healthy work environment
  • improved attractiveness as an employer
  • increased competitiveness
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