Core strength training

Our daily routine at work often demands a great deal from our bodies. Over a sustained period, a lot of sitting down, not much exercise or the wrong weight distribution during physical activities can restrict our mobility, cause severe back pain or even lead to problems with our intervertebral discs. Having a strong core is key to preventing this from happening.

The power of the core

The core is the central pillar of our body. The stronger it is, the more strain we can endure and the better we can perform. It is made up of the chest, abdomen, back and pelvis. The core muscles comprise a large number of small muscles that support the body and keep it in position. These include: the back and abdominal muscles as well as some of the thigh and gluteal muscles. A strong core improves our coordination and balance. It gives us strength and protects us against back problems, poor posture and pain in our musculoskeletal system – important when we’re playing sport or just going about our daily lives.

Our services

As a company, you can help your employees to strengthen their core muscles; this is something that’s really easy to integrate into their daily routine. Our Mavie coach will show your staff the best exercises for their deep abdominal and back muscles. They’ll also learn the right way to lift and carry loads, enabling them to improve their posture and reduce the risk of muscle-related conditions.

Our promise – your benefits

Want to improve your employees’ body stability? Our “Core strength training” service gives you an excellent way to do just that. Your benefits:

  • Preventing pain
    With core training, your employees can manage any misalignments in posture and thereby minimise the risk of back pain
  • Improving body stability
    Help your employees to get more core stability and thus develop a new awareness of their bodies
  • Enhancing performance
    Our core strength training will make your staff more mobile and resilient

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