Muscle function­

We all know the problem: too much sitting down coupled with not enough exercise. The result is usually tension, particularly in the shoulder and neck area. This can have painful consequences: restricted mobility or damage to the musculoskeletal system and spine. Continuous periods of sitting can also impact our hip flexors, the back of our legs, our adductors and our back, chest and calf muscles.

Muscular imbalance

There are around 800 different kinds of muscle problems. “Muscular imbalance” means that our muscles are out of kilter. This puts increased strain on our joints and tendons leading to tense muscles and poor posture. Long periods spent sitting down can be one of the causes, particularly if we are arching our back while doing so. This elongates and weakens our back muscles while shortening those in our abdomen.

Our services

Our muscle function diagnostic service allows companies to support their employees’ health right on their premises. The analysis is straightforward: a compact device fitted with sensors is used to take measurements, control the software and issue interactive instructions for performing movements. This means that muscular imbalances in over 30 different muscle groups can be identified. The measurements are then analysed and illustrated in clear charts.

Our promise – your benefits

Prevention made easy: our muscle function diagnostic service lets your employees check out their muscle mobility and spot any asymmetries. Then they can do something specific for a healthy posture.

  • Innovative and accurate
    The use of accurate sensor technology allows mobility data to be logged precisely and in a reproducible form
  • Personalised suggestions and exercises
    Individuals can eliminate restrictions and improve their current condition thanks to targeted exercise recommendations

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