Eat and exercise your way to your target weight­

Diet and nutrition

An unhealthy diet combined with insufficient exercise will have an impact on our health sooner or later. Whether we’re in the office all day or working from home, we often spend too many hours stationary in our chairs. On stressful days, we often don’t think twice about grabbing some fast food or unhealthy snacks – after all, time is tight and our hunger pangs are quickly satisfied.

Sport and a healthy diet

What we eat and how we exercise play a key role in determining our weight. When our body gets more energy than it actually needs, we start putting on the pounds. This excess energy is stored as body fat, too much of which may make us overweight – a health risk. Changing our habits is hard and requires a wholesale shift in our behaviour. We’ll show you how it can be done.

Our services

As a company, you can help your employees reach their target weight step by step with the aid of our tips and tricks. Two things are key here: targeted strength training and a switch to a new diet. The underlying theory is explained in a presentation, where our Mavie coach will tell participants everything they need to know about healthy eating, the risks of being overweight and a healthy lifestyle. The second part of our service involves putting the lessons learnt into practice during active exercise sessions. To this end, our Mavie coach will show your employees various strength training exercises that they can do both using their own body weight and with small exercise equipment.

Our promise – your benefits

Want to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst your employees? Our “Eat and exercise your way to your target weight” programme gives you an excellent way to do just that and therefore improve fitness and performance levels enormously at your company. Your benefits:

  • Learning a healthy lifestyle
    Help your employees get a better understanding of how body weight, diet and exercise can affect their health and well-being
  • Variety and fun
    Inject some refreshing and healthy variety into your company with some active exercise sessions
  • Improving well-being
    Encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst your employees and improve their well-being and performance levels in the process
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