Measuring ­body ­composition

Although our modern way of life has its benefits, it also comes with some pitfalls. Two of them being, less exercise and unhealthy diet. We prefer to take the lift over the stairs, and fast food is an easy alternative to cooking from scratch when time is tight. Plus, our need to be contactable at all times and our unending to-do lists often land us with chronic stress on top of all this. If we persist with this unhealthy lifestyle, it can affect our weight.

Overweight and obesity

Overweight and obesity now rank amongst the most significant health problems in industrialised countries. In Austria, for instance, they affect around one in two people. Neither condition should be treated lightly: around 50 health conditions are associated with overweight and obesity. Secondary diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders as well as strokes and cardiovascular problems pose major risks. Yet they can be prevented: spotting and treating conditions early can go a very long way towards reducing the risks of these secondary diseases.

Our services

There are various ways of telling whether someone is overweight, underweight or at a healthy weight and what their fat-to-muscle ratio is. Our body composition measurement service gives your employees an easy way to have relevant factors such as body’s muscle mass, fat content and mass, water content and muscle protein as well as fat-free mass and bone content assessed on company premises. Along with the body mass index (BMI), we also calculate their basal metabolic rate (BMR) and fat mass index (FMI). The results are analysed and discussed there and then. Our Mavie coaches will also provide recommendations and tips for transitioning over to a healthy and self-confident lifestyle.

Our promise – your benefits

Want to improve your employees’ health and support them on their journey to a positive lifestyle? Our body composition measurement is an efficient, low-cost way to help them do just that:

  • Simple and accurate
    To measure body composition, all you need is your one free arm – the analysis is then done using a near infrared spectrometer
  • Individual analysis
    The analysis gives employees a better understanding of the current composition of their body
  • Fewer sick leaves and absenteeism
    Working together, you can combat the common problems of overweight and obesity as well as reduce sick leaves and absenteeism in your company
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