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Exercise – active sessions

We actually know perfectly well that moving about in the fresh air is important in order to keep fit. Particularly if we spend the whole day sitting down. The only problem is our insurmountable lack of willpower. Especially if our last run was some time ago and we now suffer from shortness of breath and a piercing feeling in the side after running for just a few metres. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Armed with the right technique, both beginners and seasoned runners alike will be able to enjoy the activity once again.

Run for a fitter you

Endurance sports such as jogging or walking are seen as an ideal and effective form of cardiovascular training that gives the whole body a workout. Running brings major health benefits too, even if you only have little time to dedicate to it. Walking – which is particularly well-suited to beginners – also gets our circulation going and clears our head, making it perfect for office workers who often spend upwards of eight hours in front of a computer screen.

Our services

With our running training for beginners and our running technique training for advanced athletes, your employees will learn the most important basics and techniques of running. The running training for beginners is around walking and the running technique training trains participants around their individual heart rates.This is based on the “interval training walking–running” training method. Alongside the relevant aspects of running economy, getting the right breathing technique is also covered. Our running technique training is suitable for all advanced runners, because having the right technique paves the way to maximum success. During the training, our Mavie coach gives participants a grounding in running technique and running coordination and teaches them various training methods before ending with a demonstration of corrective gymnastics exercises. Heart rate monitors can be provided on request for both beginners and more advanced runners.

Our promise – your benefits

Want to improve your employees’ endurance, performance levels and resilience? Our training in running and running technique gives you an excellent way to do just that. Your benefits:

  • Make running fun
    Our services will enable your employees to rediscover the joy of exercising in the fresh air
  • Promote health and well-being
    By improving their performance levels, their ability to recover and how they feel in their own bodies, you will be promoting your employees’ health and well-being
  • Motivation and progress
    Support your employees by giving them the chance to see for themselves how they can perform, spend time together with like-minded colleagues and consciously experience nature
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