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Our well-being is closely linked to our physical health. If we feel fit, we feel happy. Yet we often don’t do enough exercise, sport or relaxation – and feel the effects in our back, in a tense shoulder and neck, in weight gain or in a drop in performance. It’s high time to take care of your employees’ health.

Physical fitness

Healthy, strong employees belong to successful companies like butter on toast. Regular fitness checks by a Mavie coach can help your employees learn what their strengths and potential are and improve them continuously. What’s more, the checks can be carried out right on your premises.

Our services

Our fitness profile consists of seven different stations, meaning that we take a holistic approach to testing your employees’ health and fitness levels. Besides measuring body proportions, coordination skills and core strength, spine screening and muscle function diagnostics are also key elements. A stress test for measuring physical performance levels (the Astrand ergometer test) is also available if desired. Our Mavie coaches will give your staff personalised support and confidential advice.

Our promise – your benefits

Want your staff to know their own fitness levels? Our fitness profile gives you an excellent way to do just that. Your benefits:

  • Everything from a single source
    Our package lets your employees get their fitness levels tested
  • Simple and time-saving
    Fitness profiles can be measured directly on your premises
  • One-to-one analysis and counselling
    Your employees find out more about their strengths and areas of potential, and personalised exercises are devised on this basis.

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We’ll be happy to accompany you on your journey. Get in touch with us, and we’ll show you what our spine screening can do for your employees.
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We will keep the mind, body and spirit of your employees healthy. We not only look after your current needs, but also take care of your future requirements.

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