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Corporate Mental Health Programme

Healthy employees mean a healthy company. It sounds straightforward, but it’s not. Each one of us needs different approaches to our personal well-being and if something does not run smoothly, our performance will suffer. And there are many difficult situations that can burden us - from stress at work to problems in our personal life.

Mavie makes you healthier

The good news: looking after your employees’ mental health has never been easier. Our Mavie digital health portal is a personal guide that helps staff conquer their own specific challenges. They will be able to improve their mental well-being confidently, effectively and for the long term. For their own benefit and that of their company.

Employee assistance (EAP) re-envisioned

Mavie, our in-company employee counselling service, promises the best of both worlds: besides its professional personal counselling and live events, it offers a wide range of online services complete with tips, self-help exercises and worlds of topics for raising awareness. And, because no two people are alike, Mavie adapts to each person’s individual needs based on psychological self-tests. This allows employees to face their professional and personal responsibilities and forge ahead with their continuing development. Holistically and in total confidence. Anywhere and at any time.

Our services

  • Self-help and self-reflection: over 100 scientifically sound topics, articles, videos, exercises and self-tests give you effective support with helping yourself tackle everyday challenges like stress, conflict, relationships, crisis management, strengthening resilience and much more.
  • Live events and seminars: we strengthen your employees’ resilience at regular intervals through live events focussed on selected key issues. Our expert-led events are effective and varied.
  • Counselling and coaching: alongside its online services, Mavie Business also offers one-to-one counselling from expert advisers. All our counsellors have extensive training and many years of experience in life and social counselling, supervision, psychological counselling or psychotherapy. Consultations are available in person, via video chat or over the phone.

Our promise – your benefits

Want to raise your company’s corporate mental health to the next level? Mavie Business is the ideal solution for promoting your employees’ mental health at the right price – complete with a vast array of benefits:

  • higher performance levels
  • fewer sick leaves and absenteeism
  • improved attractiveness as an employer
  • increased competitiveness

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We will keep the mind, body and spirit of your employees healthy. We not only look after your current needs, but also take care of your future requirements.

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