Eye training for screen work

Aching, exhausted eyes after a long day spent working on your computer are a common feature of everyday work in an office. We’re often so focused on something that we don’t even notice how our vision is getting blurry and our body more and more tense. And if we’re also under time pressure, we’re even more reluctant to tear our eyes away from our screen. But did you know that neck tension can also have a lot to do with our eyes?

Eye and neck muscles

The muscles in the eyes, shoulders and neck are all closely interlinked. If one of these groups of muscles is tense, sooner or later, the others will also be affected. Aching, tired eyes and tense neck muscles are often the result of straining your eyes working on your computer while adopting a poor posture at your desk. Muscle tension can also cause problems with your vision as a result of an unbalanced weight distribution, weight being applied excessively or incorrectly, or not moving around enough. Armed with the right exercises and the most ergonomical setup in your workplace, you can make sure your staff are protected.

Our services

Our “Eye training for screen work” will make your employees fit again. We start with a presentation explaining how your eye and neck muscles are connected. After that, our Mavie coach will address your employees in groups, teaching them valuable yoga, qigong and kinesiology exercises for relaxing their eyes. Breathing and acupressure exercises also aid general relaxation. To optimise workplace ergonomics, any incorrect positioning is identified and training provided in how to sit correctly.

Our promise – your benefits

Want to improve your employees’ well-being? Our eye training recommended for the workplace is a simple way you can bring more relaxation to your employees’ days spent behind their screens. Your benefits:

  • Helpful exercises
    Relaxation exercises for the eyes as well as exercises designed to counteract excessive sitting will help to prevent problems in a targeted way
  • Group counselling at the workplace
    Our Mavie coach will come into your company and advise your staff in groups without them even having to leave their desks
  • Improved concentration span
    You will improve your employees’ well-being and ability to concentrate.

More solutions

We will keep the mind, body and spirit of your employees healthy. We not only look after your current needs, but also take care of your future requirements.

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