24h Regeneration Check and in-depth ­analysis

We rush from one meeting to the next, cross off task after task, tie up some odds and ends in the evenings instead of going to yoga. And then, at night, our thoughts won’t leave us alone. This, or something approaching this, is what a normal day looks like for many of us. In particular, times of high stress take a lot out of our body and can lead to burnout in extreme cases. We don’t always realise how we are really doing. Heart rate variability is an objective indicator that tells us how stressed or recovered we are.

Heart rate variability (HRV)

Our heartbeat may seem rhythmic, but it’s never completely constant. There are tiny time differences between the individual heartbeats, which we call heart rate variability (HRV). This can be used to identify periods of high stress or times when our bodies are less able to recharge their batteries. In other words, it tells us how well our nervous system can recover. This allows us to take our foot off the gas a bit in good time – before we burn out completely!

Our services

We can provide our 24h Regeneration Check and supplementary in-depth analysis on your company’s premises. The sooner the risk of burnout is spotted, the better. The first step, our 24h Heart Rate Variability Check, measures the current performance level of the nervous system. This enables us to draw conclusions about the body’s ability to recover and recharge its batteries. If it’s weakened, we can suggest some things you can do to help make it stronger again. If the 24h Regeneration Check indicates a distinct risk of burnout, we will recommend our in-depth analysis with one-to-one counselling, which also looks at the person’s day-to-day schedule of activities. Amongst other things, this allows conclusions to be drawn about their diurnal rhythm, sleep quality, most productive times of the day, and effectiveness of breaks. Rather than abandoning them after handing them their results, we wrap things up with a counselling or coaching session that shows them the best way to proceed.

Our promise – your benefits

Keen to help your employees spot signs and symptoms of stress in good time? Our 24h regeneration check and optional in-depth analysis enables you to do just that. Your benefits:

  • The ECGs are analysed by a doctor, and the results are evaluated in a written report
  • Your employees get a one-to-one consultation to discuss the current state of their health; if they are at risk of burnout, their personal status will also be assessed
  • Personalised solution strategies: Solution strategies are devised for each individual situation and recorded in writing

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