Not feeling in the least resilient? It’s all a question of training

No person is an island, and things don’t always go as easily as we’d like. Challenges and misfortunes are just as much part and parcel of life as joy and happiness. This causes stress. Frequent, persistent and intense stress can make us ill, and nobody is completely immune.
However, resilient people can handle stress better. When we’re resilient, we find it easier to master difficult situations and emerge stronger from them.

How can I spot a lack of mental resilience?

  • inability to accept a situation
  • lack of optimism and confidence that a situation can be managed
  • no interest in finding solutions
  • getting stuck in the role of victim
  • not taking responsibility
  • retreating into one’s shell rather than reaching out to one’s network
  • not planning for the future

How can I support my employees?

Resilience is now an essential part of working life. We will help you uncover the “hidden superpowers” at your company, making managers, teams and employees better able to tackle the challenges in their personal and professional lives. For staff who give their all. For successful companies.
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Life is full of challenges and opportunities. We will help you to spot and make the most of them.

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