Burnout – what can be done to stop it?

The pressure to succeed, little time, complex tasks – work can be stressful. If this stress persists and we don’t have a way of processing it positively, the result can be burnout – a state that, unfortunately, can affect any one of us. A 2021 study demonstrated just how common burnout now is, with over half (54 per cent) of young managers admitting to suffering from it. Four out of ten employees also felt burnt out and overworked.*
How and when someone will burn out depends very much on them. There are many factors in play, and how the symptoms manifest themselves will vary from person to person. This is one of the reasons why burnout is so hard to spot. In the study mentioned above, 51 per cent of managers said that it was hard to detect when staff were overworked and burnt out.* Yet it is so important to spot the warning signs in good time and take action quickly.
*Source: “Resetting Normal – Defining the New Era of Work 2021” Adecco Group, 2021

What stress signals are there that can ultimately lead to burnout?

Herbert Freudenberger’s 12-stage model:

  • Compulsion to prove oneself
  • Working harder – I can do that too!
  • Neglecting your own needs – fast food and hardly any sleep!
  • Suppressing conflicts and needs causes problems further down the line
  • Revision of values – emotional numbness
  • Denial of emerging problems – resulting in cynicism
  • Withdrawal – your family becomes your enemy
  • Behavioural changes – may lead to apathetic behaviour
  • Depersonalisation – you no longer feel yourself
  • Suppressing conflicts and needs causes problems further down the line
  • Inner emptiness and panic attacks
  • Depression, exhaustion and suicidal thoughts
  • Full-blown burnout

How can I support my employees?

There are many levers a company can pull to prevent long-lasting stress at the workplace that will make employees ill. We will help you to ensure that yours never even come close to this predicament, giving you staff who are adept at handling stressful and challenging timesand healthy teams.
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