Vision boards: this is how you define and achieve goals
If you visualize goals, you can achieve them more easily. A vision board can help you feel positive and inspired about where you want to go.
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Again and again we set ourselves big goals - and then after a few weeks or months we have to realize that they have disappeared from our everyday lives. What remains is a feeling of frustration: why don't we succeed in realizing our dreams and desires?

Why visualize goals?

Goals and projects are easier to implement when you know exactly what you want, have a clear picture of it and are focused. Being inspired and full of joy also helps immensely. You have to feel where you want to go. On the other hand, “away from” is not a good motivator.

This is exactly where the vision board can help. It helps us to deal with our wishes in a playful, lively and joyful way and to put them on paper. This is the first step towards realization and implementation.

What are vision boards?

Vision boards are a colorful mix of images, photos, words, quotes or mantras that are put together in a collage and thus give our wishes and dreams a visual form.

In the best case, the vision board accompanies us in a clearly visible place (visible to us and also to everyone who supports us in achieving our goals) and keeps reminding us where the journey should go.

This is how a vision board is created

• Think about what topic you want to create a vision board for: relationship, job, self-care, free time, etc. Of course, there can also be several areas.
• Now ask yourself the following questions: What do I wish for? What I want? What is good for me?
• Take enough time, a stack of magazines and other visual material (such as travel brochures, flyers, etc.) to hand. Of course you can also create a digital vision board (e.g. on Pinterest).
• Tune into the topic and find a comfortable place.
• Be inspired by images and words that come your way. Don't think too much and follow your impulses.
• Cut, tear, glue, organize, write... be creative!
• There is no right and no wrong. Let yourself be surprised what comes out of it.

And what happens next?

Keep consciously looking at your vision board. Let it sink in and check from time to time whether it is still consistent and whether you are on the right path. The vision board may also change and be continuously adapted.

At some point you will realize that it is time to put away the current vision board and make room and time for new wishes.

Get active now!

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