Reset your Mind: Detox for the soul
Regularly decluttering and letting go, as you do when spring cleaning, is also good for your body and mind.
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Paralyzing thoughts: get rid of them. Bad habits: I don't need them anymore. Contact with people who stress me out: reduce. Spring cleaning for your body and mind could look something like this.

What is not good for you is no longer needed. What is no longer needed can be sorted out - sounds simple but is actually quite difficult. Therefore, you shouldn't expect miracles from it. But just taking stock and realizing that there are thoughts and habits that are not good for you is already very valuable. Even better is the decision to part with it in the long term.

Clear view

Consciously looking out the inner window shows us what we see there every day. Uncanny future scenarios, worries, conflicts? Or nature, the next great vacation, people who are good for us?
Of course, it is important to actively deal with threats. It's just that most of the thoughts and images don't concern any specific threats. We are just driving on highways in the brain that have been built up over many years by similar thoughts and inner images and that, in the worst case, lead to small, daily traumatization.
And so new highways need to be built. This is a conscious decision, the work consists of thinking new thoughts and viewing new inner images. Beautiful pictures in which the world appears more peaceful, loving and full of joy. Friendships we want to rekindle, dreams we can realize, or even just a flowering plant. This is what we should see through our freshly cleaned interior windows.

Say goodbye to old habits

The eternally bad posture in front of the computer; the cell phone in your hand when there is nothing to do for a few minutes; Shoveling down unhealthy food at a record pace. And also many hours on the couch instead of a walk or run through the forest, even though it feels so good.
We don't see our body as a temple of the soul, but rather like a car that has to do its job - and when it doesn't work perfectly, we get annoyed. As happiness research shows, happiness can best be found in the here and now, and the way to the here and now is best achieved through the body. So it's worth treating him well.

What to do with the newly won space

Old habits are stubborn. Waiting until they are finally history before getting into the habit of something new and good is not necessary. Getting into the habit of liveliness and joie de vivre can also be done in parallel. 

So get going: meet friends, go out into nature, do creative things like music, painting or pottery as well as anything that makes us feel calm inside. And above all: regular time-outs from electronic devices. Only without the constant input from outside can we even notice what feels good to us and what does not.

Get active now!

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