Motivation boosters at work (part 2)
Do you feel demotivated at work and are enjoying your job less? Have you already tried the five motivation tips from part 1? Here you’ll find even more ideas for getting your motivation back on track.
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Motivation tip – 6: Reward yourself

What do you do once you have successfully completed a task or project? Do you give yourself a short break, a reward or time to breathe? Do you start working straight away on the next project? Motivation is increased with self-worth. That’s why you need to actively acknowledge what you have achieved, even for just a short time. What’s more, rewards for reaching monthly, quarterly and annual goals ensure more motivation on the job.

Motivation tip – 7: Ask for help

False pride often makes life complicated and hard. You don’t have to know everything, nor is it possible. If you are faced with a problem, ask colleagues for advice and support. You will recognise: on the whole, everyone is happy to help. It just depends on the way you ask for it. In return, you can offer your support and expertise to others. Cooperation feeds motivation!

Motivation tip – 8: Plan your week

Do you have the feeling that you’re always working yet achieving nothing because of constant interruptions? Here is where more precise planning can help: set aside a few minutes for yourself every Monday morning to plan the week ahead. What do you want to get done on each day? How much time will it take? Don’t forget to schedule in a time buffer too. Finally, set priorities. This way of writing a list will give you a better overview – which in turn will boost your motivation.

Motivation tip – 9: Give yourself a breath of fresh air with self-reflection

Everything is in a state of flux. This is true for life and also for work, which is why you should regularly review the way you work. What you have always done to date may no longer be the best solution. Maybe you can improve how you do something? Try out new methods of doing things. This will help breathe new life into your daily work routine – yet another reliable motivational push!

Motivation tip – 10: Laugh instead of getting angry

Observe yourself at work: how often do you get angry about something? Next time, try to laugh (on the inside). There are plenty of examples: the lift takes forever, the photocopier doesn’t work, the computer is taking forever to load, etc. Laugh about how “imperfect” life is and that these kinds of things happen all the time. This injects some lightness into your life and guarantees a more motivated approach to getting tasks done.

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